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What are yourhiddenprintcosts

And what cost savings will a deep dive into your printing reveal?

Many organisations could reduce their print costs by

Up to 30%

Did you know the true cost of your printing?

Find out what your true printing costs are, and how much you could save with active print management.

A managed print service can reduce your device fleet by up to


Most unmanaged print environments have two users per device. ** Many companies have more printers than they need, or put the wrong devices in the wrong places.

Print experts work with you to assess your needs, and provide a tailor-made recommendation of the printers best suited to your business. With a Brother managed print service, you also avoid costly up-front investments and lease only the hardware you need.

** Photizo Group

Typically, for every


spent on printing


another £8


is spent on print management and supporting document workflows ALL Associates Group


From keeping them running, to supplies ordering and invoicing: managing printers takes up valuable employee time and costs your business money.

A managed print service can dramatically decrease the costs and hassles of managing both printers and supplies.

Thanks to a proactive ordering process, you order the supplies you need via a simple web portal. And expert support is available as you need it.

Supplies cost between 2X & 4X


Companies with multiple brands of printers often order excess toner and printer from a number of different sources, wasting vital office funds and administrator time.

The economies of scale of a managed print service mean you pay lower prices. You'll also optimise your printer choices and settings, so you use fewer supplies to begin with.

** IDC white paper, Beneath the Surface: The True Cost of Enterprise Printing, June 2011

Did you know that between 35% & 50% of IT helpdesk calls

Desk calls

After implementing a managed print service, companies experience, on average, a 7% - 14% decrease in print-related helpdesk calls. ** With fewer print disruptions, both IT staff and employees can get on with their work.

A managed print service provides expert technical assistance and consistent service delivery. So IT staff are freed up to add greater value to the business.

** IDC white paper, Beneath the Surface: The True Cost of Enterprise Printing, June 2011

Reduce energy consumption by around 30% with the latest devices IDC white paper, Beneath the Surface: The True Cost of Enterprise Printing, June 2011


Companies that ignore the environmental impact of printing miss valuable opportunities for measurable cost savings and positive PR.

Newer printers use less energy. In step one of a managed print service, less effective devices are eliminated.

Reduce ink/toner and paper waste by 15-20% with pull printing Which requires users to authenticate themselves at the printer to collect printouts. IDC European in-depth interviews conducted April to September 2010 amongst IT decision-makers. The majority of interviews were conducted in the UK, with some interviews in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

Copier paper

Changing printers and user habits has a big impact on print costs.

Newer printers use less toner. Your managed print services team will also advise on the most efficient print settings, such as double-sided and monochrome as default.

** IDC white paper, Beneath the Surface: The True Cost of Enterprise Printing, June 2011

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