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Casio FX-85GT Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-85GT Scientific Calculator

Key Features

  • Natural textbook display
  • 12 + 2 digit + 12 characters
  • 2 line display
  • 260 functions
  • dual power
  • multi replay function
  • verify function
  • auto power off
  • sliding protective cover
  • Your Price: £17.95 (£21.54 inc. VAT)
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Order Code: 20959J, CS18219


    260 scientific functions, degrees, radians, gradians, square root, fractions, trigonometrics (SIN/COS/TAN), roots & powers, exponents, reciprocals, coordinate conversion, degrees/minutes/seconds, negative indicator, hyperbolics, combinations, permutations, standard deviation, linear regression, logarithmic regression, exponential regression, power regression, quadratic regression, random numbers, prime factorisation, recurring decimals

  • 12 months warranty. Dealer or end user to return with proof of purchase to: Casio Electronics Co. Limited,Operational Service Division, Harp View, 12 Priestley Way, London, NW2 7JD. Call Technical support 0208 4527253.